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Fit Bite Orthodontics is home to a highly trained and experienced orthodontist and dental care team providing braces, oral appliances and specialized diagnostics and treatment for craniofacial deformities and jaw structure concerns. Dr. Linda Hallman has a unique educational background in both anatomy and dentistry and currently serves as the Director of Orthodontics at the Washington Hospital Center and a Specialist on Craniofacial Team at Children’s National Medical Center.

Our Chevy Chase orthodontist office is equipped to meet your dental and oral health needs using the latest in technology and techniques for the best possible outcome. Known for her caring and personalized approach, Dr. Hallman works with patients on an individual basis to evaluate and treat orthodontic and oral structure concerns.

Chevy Chase Maryland orthodontics services for all ages

Braces for Kids in Chevy Chase

Orthodontic treatment can begin in the early years of a child’s oral development in the presence of complex problems associated with jaw structure or tooth position. Dr. Hallman will recommend braces or the use of an orthodontic appliance only when considered necessary for normal, healthy oral development and your child’s long term well-being. Fit Bite offers Invisalign and traditional braces for children of all ages, depending on their unique needs.

Braces for Adults

It’s never too late to straighten your smile and enjoy improved dental health. Dr. Hallman welcomes and treats adult patients needing orthodontic treatment for a range of reasons. Bite problems, orthodontic relapse, and cosmetic concerns can be addressed using orthodontics. In many cases, Dr. Hallman can meet your needs with discreet treatment using Invisalign clear aligners.

Orthodontics can often be a solution for a range of other problems such as sleep-disordered breathing and chronic facial pain that is associated with malocclusion. A consultation with Dr. Hallman can identify the underlying cause of your concerns and lay the foundation for a successful treatment plan.

Sleep Disorders

Dr. Hallman offers an alternative treatment to the CPAP using oral appliance therapy. For patients with sleep-disordered breathing, mild to moderate diagnosed sleep apnea or those intolerant of the CPAP oral appliance therapy can provide a comfortable and effective option. Oral appliances are custom made to reposition the jaw and address a narrowed airway for improved sleep and overall health.

In many cases, a sleep disorder is related to jaw structure issues and malocclusion which can be addressed through appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Orthognathic Procedures

Deformities and structural problems affecting the jaw can impact your quality of life and confidence in your appearance. Dr. Hallman can diagnose and coordinate highly specialized care for the treatment of a range of concerns including cleft palate and other genetic deformities, trauma and severe bite problems often associated with malocclusion.

Orthognathic surgical procedures may be necessary to restore the structure, function and comfort of the jaw. Fit Bite is one of few area orthodontists offering the unique combination of specialized care that can be followed up with corrective orthodontics for a successful result that supports long term oral health. For a young child with genetic craniofacial deformities, this type of treatment can set them on the path of normal oral development and a lifetime of healthy and confident smiles.