Patient Safety & Infection control

Dr. Linda Hallman and the orthodontic care team at Fit Bite Orthodontics in Chevy Chase, MD, have always followed all guidelines and recommendations for infection control for the health and safety of our patients. We adhere to OSHA, CDC and state mandated rules for the ongoing disinfection of our office. We have also made recent changes to meet new guidelines designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our office staff is committed to providing the highest standard of care for your orthodontics needs in a safe environment.

We ask that if you are sick or have been exposed to the coronavirus that you call our office to reschedule your appointment. If you have recently traveled please wait at least 14 days after returning to visit our office. These rules will remain in place until it is no longer a recommendation of the CDC or any local governing bodies and are designed to protect all patients and staff.

What you can expect when you visit.

A visit to our office will be a little different in an effort to prevent the spread of infection and provide safe treatment for all patients. We will be spacing out our appointments to limit the number of people in the office and to allow time for more extensive cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces and office areas throughout the day. We will also implement:

  • Pre-screening of all patients to include temperature checks using a digital thermometer.
  • Staff will also be checked daily and will be wearing appropriate PPE at all times.
  • We have added an enhanced air filtration system to remove airborne pathogens and will be using aerosol reducing technology during your treatment as needed.
  • Staff will use sanitizing products on any personal items brought into the office for use such as cellphones.

We ask for your patience if these changes are affecting your patient experience and we will continue to make every effort to address your needs in a safe manner during these unprecedented times. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office and speak to a member of our team before your visit.

Dental Monitoring: the future of contactless treatment checkups

Dr. Hallman uses the Dental Monitoring app for patients in orthodontic treatment to monitor progress without needing to see you in person. Using a unique attachment for a smartphone with a camera, Dr. Hallman can upload digital images of your smile and use software to evaluate progress. This app reduces the number of times you need to visit our office and enables you to connect remotely with Dr. Hallman when traveling or experiencing an orthodontic emergency.