Types of Braces

Dr. Linda Hallman and the team at Fit Bite Orthodontics offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments for children and adults to treat a range of dental health and cosmetic concerns. An experienced orthodontist serving Chevy Chase and communities in the Washington, DC area, Dr. Hallman provides dental care that is personalized to the needs and goals of the individual patient. We offer a full range of orthodontics that includes oral appliances, traditional braces, and clear aligners.

Your experience in our office begins with a thorough analysis of your dental health including the function of your bite. Dr. Hallman takes time with each patient to discuss our findings, your personal concerns, and goals, and to present treatment options. There is a wide range of reasons for needing orthodontic treatment from crooked teeth to TMJ disorders and adult orthodontic relapse.

Orthodontics: What are Treatment Options?

Each type of orthodontic treatment is uniquely designed to address specific needs and to reposition the teeth or the jaws so that the bite can function naturally and comfortably. For some patients, there may be several treatment options considered suitable to achieve goals and for others, one type of treatment may be considered the most effective.

  • Orthodontic oral appliances: oral appliances can range from expanders (spacers) and rubber bands, to distalizers. An oral appliance is recommended as either a pre-treatment phase or as part of your overall treatment to support and improve results. Dr. Hallman provides orthodontic care for children who have developmental concerns related to their bite or jaw structure. In some cases, early intervention using an oral appliance or braces can create a healthy oral foundation for the permanent teeth and prevent the need for more complex treatment down the road.
  • Clear aligners: Dr. Hallman is a Washington, DC area Invisalign provider and offers this clear aligner system for teen and adult patients. Invisalign offers benefits for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns including discreet, comfortable and convenient treatment. Invisalign is often the perfect solution for orthodontic relapse in adult patients or those seeking a smile makeover for their crooked teeth.
  • Traditional metal braces: using metal brackets and wires, metal braces are often the best option for moderate to severe concerns, especially in young patients. Metal braces are often used together with other orthodontic appliances.
  • Clear or ceramic braces: this type of treatment uses wires and brackets that are clear and less visible while providing effective tooth movement for a range of needs. They can offer more discreet treatment for teen and adult patients.

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Dr. Hallman can help you identify and achieve your oral health and cosmetic goals with personalized orthodontics in Chevy Chase. To schedule an appointment, please contact our office or request one online.