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Our Technology

Digital technology offers important benefits for both doctor and patient when diagnosing and treating orthodontic related concerns. Fit Bite is home to Dr. Linda Hallman and a team of dental professionals dedicated to the highest standard of care and the best possible patient experience. Dr. Hallman has incorporated digital technology into many aspects of our Chevy Chase orthodontic practice for more in-depth evaluation, more precise treatment planning, and predictable results.

Fit Bite is a paperless MAC office, using digital dental records, digital x-rays, and digital imagery to manage your care. Our office systems are all run on Apple computers for advanced graphics as needed, secure patient recordkeeping, and integration with other technology used to support your treatment in our office. If you have questions about our digital dentistry feel free to ask when visiting- Dr. Hallman and our staff would be happy to provide more information for you.

Digital technology not only improves your care but offers a patient experience that is more collaborative and fun. Through advanced technology, we are better equipped to educate you on our findings, your oral health condition, and how treatments can offer solutions.

CBCT 3-D X-Rays

For the most comprehensive evaluation of your oral structure, we use CBCT 3-D scans. Low-radiation, high-resolution imagery is immediately available to Dr. Hallman for analyzing the condition of your oral health and the position of important structures. In-office CBCT scanning means there are no extra trips to a specialist or radiologist as part of your diagnostics. Dr. Hallman can provide immediate feedback and create more accurate treatment plans using this type of advanced imagery.

Digital Dental Impressions

No more gooey, messy and uncomfortable impression trays with the use of digital dental impressions. Using a handheld scanner we can take a complete set of impressions that are uploaded to our computer for immediate use and evaluation.

Dr. Hallman uses the i-Tero chairside digital impression machine. Patients can sit comfortably while we scan their mouth and receive instant digital imagery that they can also see and discuss with our team.


Dr. Hallman is a TruDenta provider for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic facial pain, bite problems (TMJ) and frequent headaches. Her educational background in anatomy, dentistry, and orthodontics provides a unique and comprehensive approach when combined with this treatment system for addressing these concerns. She can identify issues such as a misaligned bite or crooked teeth that put pressure on the joints and muscles around the mouth and face.

Using ultrasound, muscle therapy, and low-level light therapy (photobiomodulation), TruDenta offers patients a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical based treatment option for problems related to the function of the bite that can impact your daily quality of life. TruDenta is used to see where the forces of your bite are distributed for areas of improvement. There are no drugs or needles required for this pain-free and comfortable treatment option.

Dental Monitoring App

Dr. Hallman uses the Dental Monitoring App to make it fun and easy to monitor the progress of your orthodontic treatment. Patients will use a special smilebox that attaches to their cell phones. When in motion it scans your teeth and uploads high-resolution images for Dr. Hallman to view and evaluate. 3D Matching technology is available through this application so you’re updated on your progress every time you take photos.

Remotely monitoring your treatment allows for a faster treatment time, fewer appointments, and a visualization of your smile’s evolution. For patients seeking to minimize their trips to the office and exposure to possible illness, dental monitoring is an ideal means of communicating with Dr. Hallman.

TRIOS® Scanner

Dr. Hallman uses this high-tech, handheld scanning device to obtain digital images of all surfaces in your mouth. The TRIOS scanner can be used to spot signs of tooth cavities or damage, evaluate the position of your teeth, and upload images for treatment planning. Digital scanning is more comfortable, less invasive, and provides highly accurate information for use in your orthodontic care.

Using TRIOS scanned images and CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Hallman can provide a digital projection of how your recommended treatment will change the look and overall health of your smile.