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Handling an Orthodontic Emergency

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices have had limited hours and services. At FitBite Orthodontics, Dr. Linda Hallman, an orthodontist in Chevy Chase, MD, reassures patients that the office is there to handle any emergencies that arise with your orthodontic issues. How should you handle an orthodontic emergency if it happens to you? Dr. Hallman provides some tips.orthodontist in chevy chase, md

Taking On an Orthodontic Emergency

The first thing you should do if you find yourself in a state of emergency is to call our office immediately. We want to get you seen and the problem corrected as soon as possible. Below are some common emergencies that may arise and how you can handle them until you can be seen in our office:

A Poking Wire

Wires can sometimes get into uncomfortable positions, but a wire poking you where it shouldn’t can indicate that it’s broken. Use a clean eraser or something similar to gently push the wire into a position that’s more comfortable for you. If you have orthodontic wax, that can also be put over the offending wire to ease the issue. Dr. Hallman will have to examine the wire and determine the best course of action to make sure that it gets fixed.

Loose Equipment

Depending on what it is, loose appliances can impact your orthodontic care. If you have something that’s consistently irritating you, do your best to push it back into place with something like a clean pencil eraser. If you can, put orthodontic wax over the affected area to minimize the irritation. If the equipment is still loose and you’re unable to get it resituated — or if something fully breaks — call us to get seen in the office.

Dental Trauma

If you’ve experienced any trauma to your mouth area, you’re going to need to be examined to make sure it didn’t harm your teeth or orthodontic appliances. Trauma can be something like falling, accidentally getting hit during an activity, or a ball to the mouth during sports. Any one of these things can cause damage to your teeth or the devices in your mouth.

If you experience bleeding after this trauma, rinse your mouth out with warm salt water to help keep the area clean. If any appliances are somehow broken and fall out of your mouth, make sure you bring them with you to the office. Take over the counter pain medication to help ease any pain until you can get in for your appointment.

Aligner Irritation

Clear aligners are specially fitted to your teeth, so you shouldn’t be experiencing too many issues with them. If they’re causing problems with your gums, tongue, or other soft tissues in your mouth, call us. Your aligners may need to be readjusted slightly to make sure they aren’t irritating these areas. If it’s just soreness and discomfort in the teeth, this is normal as the aligners are moving them slowly into position.

Your Orthodontist in Chevy Chase, Maryland

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately. Otherwise, we’ll be available for your normal orthodontic checkups and issues after the pandemic! Call us or schedule an appointment online.

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